When a baby is born, so is a mother.

mother kissing newborn head

There are countless books, blogs and other resources on how best to raise a baby.

But, where’s all the information on how to raise ourselves as mothers?

Mothers are often isolated during postpartum and left to figure out motherhood on their own.

Society tells us that motherhood comes naturally to everyone.

We can do it all ourselves.

We should bounce back to normal once we get our six week check up.

It’s time to create a new postpartum narrative.

Postpartum is more than six weeks and all moms deserve the time and space needed to heal both physically and mentally.

Mom with brown hair and sunglasses sitting on chair outside nursing baby

Call it the fourth trimester, postpartum, perinatal period or something else, the time after childbirth is a season of life that brings about both expected and unexpected changes. 

We’re done with sweeping it under the rug and being hush hush about the side of motherhood that isn’t always happy babies and cuddles.

It’s time to break silence about postpartum and help all moms and moms-to-be feel supported, educated and empowered to walk through this season with confidence.

Meet Lauri Lee.

laurilee roseberry and daughter in pink dress

My name is Lauri Lee Roseberry. I’m a mom of two. I’ve been a working mom, a stay-at-home-mom, a work-from-home mom, a pumping mom, a breastfeeding mom, cloth diaper mom and just about any other label one could slap on me.

I’ve been the mom struggling with postpartum anxiety, but was too embarrassed to ask for help. 

I’ve been the mom who felt like she wasn’t good enough for Mom Groups. 

I’ve been the mom who thought she should have it all together and then felt miserable when the slightest thing went off course. 

Whether we work together over the phone, the internet or in person, I aim to help you feel confident and supported as a new mom.

My focus is helping my fellow moms feel nurtured as they transition into motherhood.

I share the un-sugar coated version of motherhood so you can see the truth. But, I’m also your biggest cheerleader standing in your corner to support and nurture you as you grow. 

Ready to feel nurtured?

If so, I invite you to reach out today!

Lauri Lee Roseberry

Postpartum is more than just six weeks. As a postpartum mental health and wellness advocate, I work with you to help you lift the fog and walk into the motherhood armed with tools to help you feel confident, connected and understood.

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